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From: "York vs. Lancaster: White Rose City a late bloomer?"
Compared with its rosier neighbor, downtown York has struggled to identify and tout what makes it great.
Daily Record/Sunday News
Updated: 02/20/2011 11:05:48 PM EST

 The White Rose City's event brings people downtown…….

The temperature during February's First Friday in York was about as warm as one would expect in the dead of winter, but that wasn't stopping the members of the Screaminmelinas from giving downtown a little ambiance.

The strains of the band's upbeat guitar floated high above their perch on Beaver Street outside Central Market, as diners took in the music from the warmth of the packed White Rose Bar & Grill next door. The rhythmic beat of the group's base drum thumped steadily, doing double duty by keeping time and by warming the drummer's feet.

"Bravo!" a lonely voice yelled from down the street as the final chord of a song bounced off the surrounding buildings.

"Thank you, Market Street," the singer replied with a laugh.

...Previously we were at the Art Institute's "Rock the Canvas"(click this link.)